Crested Geckos

Take a look at the Crested Geckos which make up part of the Groveland Gecko collection! These are quality animals that produce strong and vibrate offspring. If you’ve purchased a Crested Gecko from Groveland Gecko, then it was produced by one of the pairs below.

Crested Geckos

Brindle Male Crested GeckosBrindle Male Crested Gecko

Pinstripe Female (AC Reptiles) Crested GeckosPinstripe Female (AC Reptiles) Crested Gecko

20131013_122323Groveland Gecko Male (Hatched 4/5/09)

20131013_122053Pinstripe Female (AC Reptile)

20131013_121953Pinstripe Male (

20131013_121857Harlequin Female

20131013_121756Groveland Gecko Male (Hatched 6/28/09)

20131013_112223Black & Cream Male (Steve Hoch)

20131013_112150Groveland Gecko Pink/Salmon Colored Female (Hatched 10/17/09)

20131013_112018Green Dalmation Female

20131013_112013Normal Male

20131013_111701Pinestripe Female

20131013_111626Pinstripe Male (AC Reptiles)

20131013_124730Normal Female

20131013_124721Normal Male

20140105_123018Quad/Super Stripe Pair

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