Zilla 1000 watt Thermostat Temperature Controller


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This is a used temperature controller. All have been tested and are in working order!

Maintain your terrarium at a preset temperature between 60°F to 105°F (16°C – 40°C). Place temperature probe in the terrarium and connect any type of heating source such as an incandescent dome (not included). The Zilla® Temperature Controller will automatically turn on and off the heating unit to keep the terrarium at the desired temperature.

  • Help maintain terrarium temperatures from almost any heating device using this controller
  • Simply place temperature probe inside terrarium and plug in a heat source up to 1000 watts
  • Temperature Controller will automatically turn on and off until desired temperature is achieved
  • Safety shut-off is activates at 110°F (43°C) to protect against overheating
  • Best for use with Zilla heat lamps, domes, emitters and pads; not meant for use with heat rocks

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